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Holiday Homes Offaly

Located in the very heart of Ireland! Enormous areas of wilderness, large expanses of bogland, esker hills, mountains and wooded valleys await you in Offaly. The impact of people through the ages is clearly visible in the patchwork of fields, enchanting castles, ancient roads and bridges.

The towns and villages of Offaly offer friendly greetings, a fantastic range of self catering accommodation, and fantastic restaurants and pubs. Offaly is easily accessible by road, rail, river & canal. The facilities for spoiling and indulging yourself are abundant. When evening comes, you can attend a performance in the lovely Victorian theatre in Birr, relax with a drink in a quiet pub or enjoy some Irish music in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a singing pub. Sit around a warm fire and get to the heart of Offaly.

Your break in Offaly is only a click away, choose from our Offaly holiday homes and book online.

Self Catering Offaly – Travel Highlight

Birr Castle Estate and Historic Science Centre

The box hedges there are documented as the tallest in the world and feature among more than 1,000 different species of trees and shrubs, which were collected from all corners of the world. Birr Castle's Historic Science Centre recounts many pioneering achievements in astronomy, photography, engineering and horticulture. The restored Great Telescope, built at Birr Castle in the 1840s, was for 75 years the largest telescope in the world. It can be viewed at Birr Castle.

Kinnity Castle

As you approach Kinnity Castle, you step into another world. Kinnitty Castle has had a long and turbulent history. The original castle was destroyed in 1209 and rebuilt by the Normans in 1213, who were subsequently driven out by the powerful O'Carroll clan. A new castle, which was built in 1630, was confiscated by English forces in 1641 and following its sale in 1764; the castle was again destroyed in 1922, this time by Republican forces. Rebuilt in 1928, the castle has recently been transformed into a luxury hotel. Stay at Lismooney House and visit Kinnity Castle, located just down the road.


6th century monastic site, with three high crosses, a cathedral, seven churches and two round towers. Clonmacnoise was a great centre of learning, and many manuscripts, including the Annals of Tighernach (11th century) and the Book of the Dun Cow (12th century), were written here. The site is entered through the visitor centre.

Leap Castle

Leap Castle still stands fortress-like on its perch overlooking a vast stretch of the countryside. From here the O'Carrolls set out for victory and defeat, here they brought their brides and captives, within lurks Ireland's most intriguing elemental presence - unique in that it is reputed to give off a ghastly ghostly odour. Leap Castle, Ireland's most haunted castle is open to visitors on request.

Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre

Visit Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre, located in the 1897 Tullamore Dew bonded warehouse, and learn about Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and Irish Mist liqueur, famous drinks, born in Tullamore.




  • Canoeing
  • water-skiing
  • kayaking
  • sub-aqua diving and swimming
  • Fishing and sea-angling
  • Horse-riding
  • pony-trekking
  • Hiking and hill-walking


  • Achill Yawl Sailing festival in July and August
  • Killtimagh Festival in November
  • Clare Island Singles Festival in May
  • Castlebar Blues Festival in May

Getting There

  • Knock Airport (56km)
  • Shannon Airport (182km)
  • Dublin Airport (248km)
  • Cork Airport (305km)
  • Cork Port (298km)

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